Wider Mission reaches out financially and actively support with our finances and time to those in need, both locally and in the world community.  We support local non-profit organizations and individuals.  We know that the need in our community, in our country and around the globe is great but with Go’s help, all things are possible.

  Basic Support

  The United Church of Christ is the church the world needs today.

 The world needs a church that proclaims, “No matter who you are, wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”  The world needs a church bold enought to say “God is still speaking”.

 We believe that the UCC is such a church.

 In christ we are invited to be transformed and to work with God to make a more peaceful, just, and loving world.  Our Still-Speaking God invites us to be bold, to think creatively, and to be innovative in our ministries.

 Our covenant with one another in the United Church of Christ means learning to be United even when we disagree, Church together even when we worship in different ways, and to see Christ revealed in beloved community.  As over 5,000 local congregations across the country, together with the wider movement of UCC agencies and international partners, we strive to be faith-forming, multi-racial and multicultrual, ope and affirming, globally minded moverment to transform ourselves and our world.

In isolation, no single UCC congregation can be the church the world needs today. To be that world-changing church, we work together through Our Church’s Wider Mission to support and inspire each other.


  Our Church’s Wider Mission Basic Support

  funds all the ways we strive together to be the church the world needs.

Together we are stronger, our reach is wider,

   and our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is deeper.