Praying for his Love

April 8, 2020


Jesus I pray today for courage

Courage to ask for forgiveness
For the times I kept you at arm’s length For the times I asked you to keep my secrets. For the good times and bad times
I pray that you will show me your love When I am weak, your love is strong

You move me with your love
You ask nothing of me for your love
I do not have to give you anything for your love.
I am filled with your love
I am filled with love for you, our Savior
I am deeply grateful I receive your unconditional Love

I speak to you knowing you will listen I know you listen to me when I pray
I lift up my eyes to the skies
I acknowledge you will direct my path I trust you will know what I need
I trust you will show me the way
I will always let the Lord lead me He will clear the road so I may follow

I know my faith is true,
I know when I do not get what I pray for, I am still able to say Thank you Lord.

I pray today that you not only wash my feet but my hands, my head and my heart.

Cheryl Kaiser