Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper


Diane Johnson

Co-Moderator, Church council, By Laws Committee, Fund raising & Community Outreach Committee,

Cheryl Kaiser

Co-Moderator, Christian Education(Chair), By Laws Committee, Pastor Relations Committee, Fund raising & community outreach

Colin VanTuyl

Clerk, Music and Worship Committee

Sharon Bogden

Financial Secretary, Church Council

Ann Hulsmann

Church Council, Wider Missions(chair)

Priscilla Bull

Church council, Music and Worship(chair) Suffolk Association delegate

Lois Abramchik & Barbara Cavallo

Church Council, By Laws Committee, Fundraising & Community Outreach, Pastoral Relations, Search Committee (Chair)


Mary Ellen Stevens

Church Council, By Laws Committee, Music & Worship, Wider Missions, Search Committee, Suffolk Association delegateĀ 


Andrea King

Church Council


Jerie Newman

Church Council, Search Committee


Priscilla Bull

Church Council, Music & Worship (Chair)


Kathy McLinsky

Church Council, Search Committee


Anne Hopkins

Harbor Light Editor


Roric Tobin

Church Council, Search Committee


Jake Bogden

Church Council, Buildings & Grounds(Chair)