Christian Education

Learning and loving in faith.

Christian Growth

We strive to provide a safe learning environment where children’s voices are heard and spirits are nurtured. We are learners ourselves and are eager to cultivate an active, thriving educational program with the support of parents and congregation.

Education at OCC

The Christian Education Team at Orient Congregational Church carries out the Church’s mission of loving one another, recognizing that all people are children of a loving God.

We are all called to create a welcoming, nurturing, supportive and caring learning experience. We come from many faith backgrounds but are all clearly united when it comes to the care and education of the children of our Church and community. We provide Christian Education classes and fellowship opportunities to children and youth of our local communities.

Christian Education classes include prayer, Bible study and fellowship activities designed to enhance self-esteem, promote cooperative interaction and provide opportunities for fun and learning while helping the children to embrace the role of God in their lives.

Classes for children from kindergarten thru grade 6 are help from October-May on Tuesday’s from 2:45-4:00 p.m. Questions?  Please contact us for more information!

The Confirmation Course is meant to is to be challenging and fun while providing opportunities for fellowship, connections with adults, the Pastor and education about God, the Bible, Church history, Christian values and the Christian faith.

Classes provide: a mixture of lay and clergy classes; time with the pastor; involvement in worship; exposure to experiences of God in other places; exposure to justice issues; community service work; home study; and connections with an adult mentor.

In short, this is an opportunity for teenagers to participate in a confirmation class which allows a combination of at church, at home and out in the community activities to add up to completion of confirmation as each teen and their family’s schedules permit.

Confirmation classes are available for all students in grades 7-12.

Interested in the next class?  Contact us for dates and times in the coming months.

Let’s grow and learn together!